In-Defilade – Elude

Year Released: 2017 Genre: Technical Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal Country: USA Similar Artists: Nile, Decapitated Vocal Style: For some reason reminds me of Dagon from Inquisition. Members you might know: Jon Vesano: Was the vocalist and played bass for Nile from 2001 to 2005, playing on Annihilation of the Wicked, but only sang additional vocals on In Their … Continue reading In-Defilade – Elude


Funeral Hearse – The Fist, the Spit, the Sword EP

Year Released: 2017 Genre: Blackened Death Metal Country: Singapore Availability: Bandcamp Similar Artists: Satyricon, Darkthrone The Fist, the Spit, the Sword is Funeral Hearse's second EP they've released this year, and between May and November, their sound has changed quite a lot.  Their first EP, Heralding the Deathwinds, featured production not worthy enough for black metal … Continue reading Funeral Hearse – The Fist, the Spit, the Sword EP

Disabuse – Death Machines

Year Released: 2017 Genre: Thrash Metal, Sludge Metal Country: Netherlands Similar Artists: Havok, Pantera (at times), Crowbar This album is pretty interesting.  It starts out thrashy and technical with the first track and third track, then it goes into a sort of Pantera-like groove metal phase with "River Runs Red", then the rest of the … Continue reading Disabuse – Death Machines

Nihil Eyes – Black Path

Year Released: 2017 Genre: Death Metal, one Grindcore song Country: USA Availability: Bandcamp Similar Artists: Bolt Thrower, Death, Gruesome, a less technical Suffocation Vocal Style: Sounds like K.K. Warslut from Deströyer 666 The heavy drums that begin this track set the tone immediately as an old school death metal slaughterhouse.  The leads that begin "Nihil … Continue reading Nihil Eyes – Black Path

De Profundis – Decayed 2001-2017 (Compilation)

Celebrating their ten-year anniversary,  De Profundis releases a compilation of nine remastered tracks and one new track: "An Orgy of Grotesqueries".  The new track is good, proggy death metal.  It's not super progressive, but the riffs are impeccable.  It's a solid song with good production, nice, clean riffage, and plenty of technical/progressive segments to keep the ear busy.